Sunday, June 14, 2009

Salting Steaks

I tried something new for dinner tonight. After reading this blog post I tried salting a couple steaks. According to the post the salt will initially draw moisture from the meat, but then the moisture will be drawn back in, carry some of the salt into the meat. Well... Despite an unexpected interruption, the steaks and thee rest of dinner came out great!

First, the interruption. I was just getting ready to put the steaks on the grill when my wife and I heard a loud noise somewhere in the house. It sounded like several heavy objects hitting the floor and walls. We looked everywhere, the basement, the garage the upstairs and found nothing. Then I open the closet door in the laundry room and several bottle of rub and sauce came rolling out. We had two shelves in the closet full of sauce and rub and the brackets holding up the shelves pulled away from the wall! T guess I have too much sauce and rub :-D

OK... We now return you to your previously scheduled steaks...

I took two 1 1/4 inch thick choice strip steaks and coated both sides with 3/4 teaspoon of kosher salt.

I let them sit for 45 minutes (total time out of the refrigerator was 90 minutes)

Then I rinsed them thoroughly and dried them and gave them a coating of fresh ground pepper.

After cleaning up the rub and sauce bottles (none of them broke fortunately) I grilled them to medium rare.

I also cooked a couple of small baked sweet taters and scooped out the flesh and mashed it with some butter and cinnamon sugar and sauted some white mushrooms, baby portobella mushrooms, spinach, garlic and sea salt and served all of that with the steaks.

The steaks were very tender, juicy and tasty! Not overly salty at all. I would definitely do this again.

Thanks to the Steamy Kitchen Blog for the idea!

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